About Me

I’m John Wilson, just a simple man trying his best to live life the right way, to enjoy life and to help others where possible. A husband and father of two, I have worked as a trainer for the post office for 25 years seeing some of the UK’s most beautiful places meeting some amazing people along the way.

Five years ago, I took on my own post office in Sunderland, which affords me a great work/life balance. I genuinely love helping people.

I’ve been a keen fundraiser over the years, for causes such as Multiple Sclerosis, St Benedicts and the NHS. Now exclusively focused on childhood cancer, since my nephew was diagnosed in 2017.

As a family, we’ve raised over 22k; this led me to discover the great outdoors and hiking mountains. Due to encouragement from positive, like-minded people, this has put me on the path of my Mountain Leadership qualification.

10mg CBD Gummies x30
10mg CBD Gummies x30
CBD Bath Bomb and Muscle Rub
10mg CBD Capsules
CBD Muscle Rub
CBD Bath Bomb

How 247CBDs got started

A few years ago, after getting frustrated at seeing my wife in pain due to fibromyalgia, I started looking at alternative medicines. What the doctors prescribed never seemed to alleviate her suffering.

I looked at lots of things for a solution. One night a guy jokingly said she should smoke a joint!

Obviously, I dismissed it, but then after a few nights, I started googling it and found a company that sold CBD products. I read up on it to discover that the THC part, the part that causes highs, was removed.

So I bought some CBD drops and capsules to try, and also some to sell in the post office. Now, this is an important part, ‘i don’t make medical claims’ I can’t and won’t say it’s a cure. However, it did help her; it did help reduce inflammation and joint pain.

Seeing how this helped, she tried the muscle rub balms. These also helped and helped with a touch of psoriasis. This year because I was selling so much in the Post Office, the company asked if id like to have my own brand label. I jumped at the chance, so we have their manufacturing and laboratory expertise but able to sell slightly cheaper.

I also started using these products after seeing adverts of athletes and MMA fighters using them. For them, it aids recovery after training, reduces stress and anxiety.

I love a few gummies after work, so by the time I get home, I’m in a better frame of mind and can enjoy family life better. After a tough hike or gym session, I love a CBD bath bomb to relax and help tired and sore muscles recover. Then I use the muscle rub; it smells great and works a treat on tired limbs.

As I said, I’m a keen fundraiser, and childhood cancer is close to my heart after the doctors and nurses saved my nephews life. So every item sold will mean a donation towards this cause.