Vanilla Custard E-Liquid


A great tasting terpenes free e-liquid.  250mg per 10ml of Vanilla And Custard CBD infused e-liquid.  Use neat or dilute with other e-liquids.  Check out our stylish vape kit too.


247CBDS Vanilla And Custard is a great flavour to start our E-Liquid range.  With 250mg per 10ml.  The 2.5% concentration is great for those new to CBD it can be vaped neat or dilutes when added to other e-liquids.

Unlike broad spectrum e-liquids this contains no terpenes which is great if you do not want that hemp taste.

Vaping is the fastest known way to get CBD into your system, entering the blood stream directly through the lungs.

Can be used in any vape device but why not check out our stylish vape kit.